wb4Mentor Law Group provides a wide variety of legal and strategic planning services relating to water resources. We perform due diligence review of water rights appurtenant to existing properties and water rights for purchase. We help clients identify water rights for transfer and negotiate on behalf of clients for water rights purchase and sale agreements and water rights transfers through the Department of Ecology and Water Conservancy Boards. Mentor Law Group also provides advice on water resources issues such as instream flows, watershed planning, environmental review, and public water system requirements.

Water Banking:

Mentor Law Group’s attorneys have been at the forefront of the development of water banks in the State of Washington. Our attorneys advocated before the Washington State Legislature for State Trust Water Right legislation. At this time, Mentor Law Group represents two Water Banks in the Upper Kittitas County area, Suncadia’s Mainstem Yakima Water Bank and the Swauk Creek Water Bank. Our attorneys provided the legal counsel to set up both of these water banks in Kittitas County. Suncadia’s Mainstem Yakima Water Bank was one of the first fully operational water banks in the state, and to date has mitigated for over 200 homes.

Water Supply Strategies:

Mentor Law Group’s attorneys have developed innovative water transfer strategies, assisted water utilities, developers, and local governments in projecting future water demands, and performed numerous due diligence reviews of water rights associated with real estate transactions. Through these projects, we have handled matters such as drafting water rights acquisition documents, submitting water rights change applications, reviewing water rights records, and assisting with SEPA requirements.   

Water Valuation:

Mentor Law Group’s attorneys routinely provide legal counsel to clients on the value of their water rights. Our attorneys have also routinely provided expert testimony on the value of water rights in state and federal courts in Washington.