hopi5Mentor Law Group’s attorneys are dedicated to seeking justice for Indian tribes and their citizens. We represent Indian tribes and nations across the country on a wide range of issues related to Indian affairs including natural and cultural resources, environmental, economic development, governance, and land use matters.¬†Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators. In all matters our overriding goal is to advance our clients’ interests.

Practice Areas

Water Rights

Our firm’s work includes protecting tribal water rights in general stream adjudications, through legislative advocacy and review of in-stream flow rights. We are uniquely experienced in litigating tribal water rights claims. We work closely with a wide range of expert consultants, including hydrologists, engineers, planners and other experts, to develop the record for water rights adjudications and to aid our clients in long term water planning and natural resource protection.

Natural and Cultural Resources, Government Relations

Our firm has provided services to protect the lands and natural resources of ancestral territory which are necessary to protecting tribal heritage. The protection of our clients’ rights necessarily involves working with state and federal agencies, state legislators and Congress to obtain funding and favorable legislation for our clients.

Tribal Sovereigntywb2

We have successfully advocated with federal agencies to help tribes achieve eligibility for treatment as a state, giving tribes the authority to enact and enforce standards under federal environmental laws.

Economic Development

We have also represented private property owners in resolving concerns raised by tribes in connection with a range of energy and resource development projects.

Trust Responsibility

Our firm has experience enforcing the federal trust responsibility on behalf of tribes, calling on federal agencies to account for the cost of acquiring and managing tribal resources.

Trust Land

We have worked closely with tribes to acquire compensation for loss of aboriginal title to lands and to recover territorial control of former reservation lands, including co-management of lands, acquisition of private lands, and advocating for taking lands into trust.