Mentor Law Group provides legal services in the areas of natural resources, environmental and land use, and Indian law. Our practice is dedicated to creating balanced and effective solutions in water resource management, renewable energy, complex project development, natural resource regulation, water rights, land use permitting, governmental relations, real estate development and land conservation. In all matters our overriding goal is to advance our clients’ interests as efficiently as possible. We focus on solving problems through a deep knowledge of our practice areas coupled with the ability to find solutions working with interest groups, elected officials, and government agencies at the local, state, federal and tribal level. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators. We have assisted individual clients as well as numerous trade associations and non-profit organizations with policy development through rule making and legislation. We have a proven track record in aggressively representing our clients in administrative, trial, and appellate litigation.

Practice Areas

Water law

Advising individual landowners, Indian tribes, non-profit organizations, municipalities, developers, industrial users, resorts, golf courses, and others on water rights issues throughout the Western United States. We help clients develop water supply strategies, obtain permits and approvals for new water rights and changes of existing water rights, perform conscientious evaluations of water rights available for purchase, and protect their water rights through litigation and advocacy.

Indian law

Seeking justice for Indian tribes and their members. We represent Indian tribes and nations across the country on a wide range of issues related to Indian affairs, including natural resources, environmental matters, cultural resources, economic development, governance, and land use.

Environmental and land use regulation and permitting

Representing developers of commercial and mixed use projects, mining companies, municipal corporations, and energy project developers with assistance obtaining land development permits and entitlements.

Land Conservation

Assisting clients to implement land, water and other resource conservation objectives, including the creation of land trusts, conservation easements and trust water transfers. Our attorneys support clients in these mechanisms to designate or preserve certain types of land, water and other resource uses either independently, or as part of a larger development project.